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September 18, 2016

I will regularly pick one of my photos and talk a little bit about where and how (and why) it was taken. I will also attempt to show the importance of post production in making images "pop".  I very often find that the image off the camera at first look doesn't like much and it is important - especially when shooting in RAW - to take the time to go back later and look through fresh eyes at what can be salvaged.  The first one I have picked is a tribute to Joyce Tenneson featuring my daughter Bethan.  It was also one of the first portraits that I took flying solo without the support of my friend (and much more profesional portrait photographer) Angela Durante Dukat who spent many patient hours teaching me the basics of portrait photography and Lightroom workflow.



 The above final photograph was taken on my Nikon D600 camera with a Nikkor 24-58mm lens (@48mm, 1/125s, f5.6, ISO100).  This was part of a camera club homework assignment to do a portrait and followed a presentation on the work of Joyce Tennison so was my attempt to recreate one of her iconic works.


As you can see from the unedited image below, although not bad, it needed some work to the cropping, clarity and colour cast to make it stand out.






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